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We have resources that allow us to offer a comprehensive e-commerce service. The choice of e-commerce platform, sales model, handling, shipment delivery, returns, payments, e-mail, and phone customer service and marketing help. We want and like to do it.

Every day we make the entrepreneur’s work easier. Knowledge and experience, safety and ease, comfort and speed. Let’s work together.

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Our services

Fulfillment for e-commerce


From receiving, through unloading, storing, to picking. At each of these stages, your shipment is in the safe hands of professional experts in the field of logistics. Our storage system, at every stage of the process, watch over customers’ continuous access to current knowledge about inventory, the number of products and current orders.

Logistics Integrator application allows sending orders to the warehouse and previewing reports of what is actually happening to the customers’ goods.

Internal procedures and process optimization help to minimize errors. Therefore, we are prepared for fluctuations in terms of a year, month and week, and sales peaks do not cause difficulties.

Here, each product receives a unique code (if there is no custom EAN code) and so identified resides in dedicated locations. The process is transparent, clear, and assortment as secure as ever.who makes the best boutique built authority into room table altar.this hyperlink quality should make a genuine brand watch last you a lifetime.

Shipment preparation and dispatch

The process is short, storage area is limited and Customer’s cost is surprisingly low by the scale of the business. The use of scanners and processes of pick to light effectively reduces the possibility of error at this stage.

Goods, after adding sales documents (invoices, receipts, along with the cash register) and transport documents (courier’s labels) are ready to leave the warehouse. Of course, we can enrich the shipment with advertising inserts, coupons and other brochures that will engage sale.

We also provide co-packing services, we create sets of products, we arrange boxes and gift wrappings in cooperation of continuous and one-time action.

A timely and effective delivery of parcels is guaranteed by our partnerships (GLS, DPD) those are the standards of forwarding solutions, that make selling easy to our customers.

Customer service


Our professional, discreet, friendly and fast customer service department- Customer Care offers e-mail and telephone suport for final e-commerce customer. Outgoing and ingoing calls and e-mails, ordering products outside the premises, and finally the seller, company and product information. Employees are often trained by business owners or brand experts, and this is the most optimal solution.

Within one service we offer information on the basis shopping state of orders, shipment status, progress of complaint, as well as assistance in operating the store on the technical side. Satisfied customer is a customer who is professionally informed and served. Enjoy the call and e-mail center.[

Products returns and exchange service


We care about the professional service of returns and complaints. We take off from the customers’ shoulders an obligation of controlling of the time-consuming and inconvenient process.

In e-commerce return of the product without giving a reason is something natural, like the claims of reason.

Therefore, we developed a special process for handling complaints and returns not only in domestic sales but also abroad.

We guarantee fast performance, supervision of the shipments and reporting from the events.

Products for resale are put in their locations once again, and as the order appears, they pass again the way of picking. Customers can observe everything in real-time.

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